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What does email open rates mean?

Your email open rate refers to the amount of subscribers that open your emails.

In 2019 the average email open rate across all industries was 17.4%.

Why is your EOR important?

Your email list is your most important asset, and still today it is the most effective way to connect with your audience.

It is an important metric to keep tabs on because it provides a good measure of engagement.

The higher the percentage, means more of your email list is opening your emails. However, if you experience a dip, it could mean you’re sending emails too frequently or at the wrong times.

It’s also worth noting that email open rates have a direct impact on your conversion rates (CR) and can lead to a higher return-on-investment (ROI).

Your email subscribers are typically some of your most engaged fans. While you should always work to acquire new customers, it’s critical that you leverage your existing customer base & subscribers.

These are the people that are most likely to buy from you, or become repeat customers

How you can improve your EOR

One method to increase your email open rates is to segment your subscribers, and tailor your emails to each segment. Depending on the information you have about your subscribers, you could segment them based on:

  • Demographics such as their age, therefore you would tailor your copy depending on the age bracket you’re contacting.
  • Their problems and needs, therefore you would contact them specifically about particular blog posts or products you’ve published because you already know they need help on this subject.
  • And so on.

A second method to help improve email open rates is to consider which type of email is preferred by your email list – HTML or plain-text.

Marketers prefer HTML emails because of the creative freedom they get, however plain-text gives you the ability to give it a personal touch as it resembles emails you may receive from family and friends. Text-based emails will be less likely to end up in Gmail’s promotions tab.

Lastly, common reasons why your email open rate may experience a decrease could be due to the frequency of emails you send, and uninteresting or uncompelling subject lines.

To improve your email open rates, check out our article on writing click-worthy email subject lines.

How to calculate your EOR

Number of subscribers that opened your email / total number of emails sent = EOR

25 opened your email / 100 emails sent x 100 = 25% open rate.

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